A opensource IoT hacking learning board
Damn Vulnerable IoT Device


What should you expect ?

PCB reverse engineering

The DVID project is designed as a custom IoT board. So, you can easily learn how to reverse engineer all tracks and soldered components.

Firmware extraction

Some training require you to extract firmware for further and offline exploration.

Connectivity attacks

The DVID project provides Wifi and Bluetooth (BLE) connection. You can easily use these protocol to explore well-known attacks.

Get Started

Everything you need to submit your first flag

> git clone https://github.com/vulcainreo/DVID
> cd trainings/hardware/findTheDatasheet/
> avrdude -F -v -patmega328p -P/dev/ttyUSB0 -cusbasp -u -U flash:w:findTheDatasheet.ino.arduino_standard.hex


  • Febuary 2019

    Board prototype

    The first prototype was released. Oled display, bluetooth BLE and atmega are totally functionnal

  • April 2019

    Production process engaged

    The production process will be started !

  • May 2019

    First board shipment

    First board will be shipped over the world

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Researcher and IoT Hacker, our mission is to evangelise about IoT security and give basic skill in IoT security hardening.